Dynamism and movement

About Lisabel

Impassioned by the arts


Impassioned by the arts since childhood, Lisabel is making her mark on the international arts scene with artwork on display in over forty exhibitions worldwide. She has garnered a succession of global honors and awards, with her abstract and semi-figurative paintings featured in over 1,500 collections around the globe. Lisabel Filiatrault (Lisabel) was born in 1968 in Montreal, Canada, where she began to hone her craft from a young age.

In 1990, working in the commercial composite materials industry, she developed a new artistic technique using polymers, which, to this day, has not been replicated. Fusing art and technology, this approach renders her work both unique and unparalleled.

The world of art


Starting in 2007, Lisabel embarked on her journey into the art world full-time. Together with renowned businessman Glenn Miller, Lisabel’s partner in life and in business, they launched Galerie LISABEL, disrupting the art industry with innovative business models that craft sensory experiences.

With the world as her canvas, Lisabel pairs paint and architectural landscapes to evoke intimate surroundings. She states, “My purpose in life is to create meaningful pieces of art that elevate people to feel exceptional emotions, freedom and peace. Let it spark something in them; something they will remember forever.”

Lisabel has joined forces with select luxury brands to partner on exclusive collaborations that transcend the traditional canvas, offering art Beyond the Walls. Examples include the Lamborghini “Dream Catcher”, launched at the Canadian International AutoShow in collaboration with Lamborghini Canada; flagship InterContinental Hotels that feature dedicated Lisabel Suites and artwork prominently displayed in the lobbies and entertainment spaces; a signature blend of composite materials applied directly onto a Baby Grand Piano in collaboration with Piano Bolduc and Steinway; and Artist-in-Residence for aerospace giant Bombardier since 2010.

Recognized for its vibrance, rich colors, distinctive textures and dynamism, Lisabel’s artwork exudes freedom and delight, from Montreal to Toronto, Vancouver, Miami, San Diego, Mexico, Portugal, Dubai, Shanghai, Beijing, and beyond.

Lisabel (Lisabel Filiatrault)

Le visionnaire

Glenn B. Miller

A renowned businessman, Glenn B. Miller has made his mark as a well-known entrepreneur.

President and founder of MBG Finance, Glenn is also a mentor and lecturer at McGill University’s MBA program as an expert in business turnaround. Husband and manager of the painter Lisabel, Glenn’s mission is to make art more accessible to all.

In this context, he has developed new strategies and attempts to lead the art industry from traditional practices, to an energy based on innovative business models, all aimed at a high level of sensory experience.

Thus was born the private gallery Lisabel in 2010. Combining Lisabel‘s artistic sense with Glenn’s business sense, their vision is to continually push the boundaries.