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A prolific painter, Lisabel registered her trademark in the pictorial trend across the globe because of her exceptional technique that combines art and technology. It is in an abstract and semi-figurative style, using unique composite materials that we recognize her works by their luminosity and rich colors, but also thanks to the dynamism and movement that emerged.

The composite material is unique in the world. It's textures are unique and intriguing. They also cannot be reproduced, as they are the result of years of research in chemistry.

Sold and represented from Montreal to Dubai, through Toronto, Miami, San Diego, Mexico, Portugal, Shanghai or Beijing, to name but a few cities. Lisabel has one goal in mind which is "to be everywhere, on all the walls here and abroad, to transcend borders and be part of the daily lives of people."

With her partner and husband, Glenn Miller, they own their own gallery. That means you develop a direct relationship with the artist. She'll understand your needs, and create a unique piece of art that will simply be... you. 



Enter a timeless world where art blends with technology and fineness of the facilities. An exceptional, innovative decoration and a unique atmosphere, all in the very popular neighborhood of Griffintown in Montreal. The Lisabel Gallery is the perfect place for your events, let us amaze you and customize this modular exclusive space based on the details of your requirements.

Renowned painter Lisabel opens the doors to her private gallery, Galerie LISABEL, to accommodate YOUR event. Step into a timeless universe where art meets technology and fine facilities. Exceptional setting, innovative scene, and unique atmosphere, all of this awaits you in the highly popular Griffintown neighborhood. Let us dazzle you and customize our exclusive space to meet all your event needs. 



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