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An accomplished artist, Lisabel has over 5000 works to her credit. Her creative process oscillates between semi-figurative, abstraction and sculpture.

Artworks in context

A prolific painter, Lisabel has made her mark on the world of painting thanks to her exceptional technique, which combines art and technology.


"My goal in life is to create meaningful works of art that elevate people to feel exceptional emotions, freedom and peace..."

About the artist

Lisabel piano

In an abstract and semi-figurative style, using unique composite materials, his works are recognizable by their luminosity and richness of color, but also by the dynamism and movement that emanates from them.

The composite material is unique in the world. Its textures are unique and intriguing. They cannot be reproduced because they are the result of years of chemical research.

Event space

Renowned painter Lisabel and his partner & businessman, Glenn Miller, open the doors of their private event space and reception hall to host your event. Enter a timeless universe, where art meets technology and the finesse of the installations. An exceptional place, an innovative decor and a unique atmosphere in the heart of Pointe Claire. Because entertaining is also an art…