Artistic approach

A deep passion for art

I have always had a deep passion for art and creation; while my head is rooted in science and business. A strong desire for success, mixed with a good dose of perfectionism, pushed me to finish my studies and led me to a course in composite materials (mechanical engineering). As someone who finishes everything I do, I graduated in 1989 and worked in the composites industry until 2007 in engineering and marketing, continuing to paint part-time.

Since 1990

Since 1990, I have been creating distinctive works using composite/aeronautical materials. The majority of my works are abstract and semi-figurative in style. I found my balance in the power, color and texture that emerge from my paintings. My goal is to share with the public a feeling of well-being, dynamism and letting go. This last state brings a clear openness of mind, bringing together yin and yang, confronting femininity and masculinity, and all the dualities that characterize my work.

Inspiring changes

The change and challenges brought on by the pandemic have been a positive and inspiring turning point in my artistic life. The pressure to perform is gone, leaving more time to explore and create freely. My latest collection of faces features old souls of powerful women who have gone through troubling times and come out of them even more beautiful, grown up and inspiring.

Lisabel (Lisabel Filiatrault)